"We look for cool things to do in London, so you don’t have to."

The London Weekend is a manually curated newsletter that delivers you 5 cool things (ranging from speed dating and art sessions to board game meet-ups and comedy nights) you can do to make the most of each weekend. It lands in your inbox every Thursday morning so you can start adding to your weekend plans.

The London Weekend started as a simple solution to a personal problem. After living in London for a while we’d fallen into the same routines and weren’t often venturing outside our regular spots and activities. We were keen to meet other, like-minded people and find new things to do. In a city as big as London there’s always loads going on but it can be overwhelming to pick out some great activities, so we started putting in the effort to filter through what was on. We found this practice so helpful, we wanted to share with fellow Londoners. Thus The London Weekend was born…

The newsletter is proudly crafted and curated by us - Hannah and Kris, a London-based couple originating from Ireland and Bulgaria, wanting to make the most of our life in London.

PS. We’re always very open to feedback and love hearing back from subscribers. If you have anything in mind or just want to share your experience following any of the newsletters’ suggestions, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email!


Why should I subscribe to The London Weekend?

If you are looking to explore and discover new events and activities in London, subscribing to the newsletter could be a great starting point to break out of your routine and see what's out there beyond your usual bubble of people and activities.

If I subscribe now, would I be able to unsubscribe at some point in the future?

Of course! At the end of every newsletter issue, you will find an “Unsubscribe” button that will remove you from the email list, so you don’t receive any future issues.

Is the newsletter free?

The newsletter is completely free for subscribers. We monetize the newsletter mainly through sponsorships and featured ads that you might sometimes see at the top of the issue.

How can I sponsor the newsletter?

First, have a look at the Sponsor page to get familiar with the newsletter and the relevant statistics. Then, if interested, feel free to shoot us an email so we can talk about pricing and availability.

How did you build this newsletter?

With a lot of passion and commitment! On the technology side though, I have tried to keep things pretty minimal. Here is the stack I've used. Website - custom code with React & NextJS. Newsletter platform - ConvertKit. Website analytics - Plausible.